Cutting-edge pharmaceutical logistics that sets standards

As a quality logistics service provider in the healthcare industry, the Voigt Group meets the highest legal standards. The company is pioneering in terms of modern, efficient storage and transport infrastructure thanks to its highly modern logistics centre. This enables us to provide our partners with secure, cost-effective processes along the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Innovative logistics infrastructure

As one of the most important Swiss market players in the pharmaceutical logistics industry, the Voigt Group believes it is essential to keep its transport and logistics centre infrastructure at a high technological level. In doing so, we guarantee our partners a service level of 99% and ensure the security of supply for the Swiss population.

Certified processes

We provide our partners with the highest level of quality and safety in all processes across the entire pharmaceutical supply chain. The processes are certified to GDP (good distribution practice) and GMP (good manufacturing practice) quality standards depending on the field of business. We undergo regular audits from the Federal Office of Public Health and are always in possession of up-to-date licences from Swissmedic. We also perform our own internal audits for all departments on a regular basis. Our employees consistently follow standard operating procedures, which enables us to ensure our high quality requirements are met.