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The Voigt Group is a pharmaceutical supply chain provider specifically for the Swiss market. Through its services as a healthcare provider, the Voigt Group provides the Swiss population with access to various healthcare and cosmetic products. This means that the Voigt Group has a major role to play in society, especially when it comes to supplying medicines to the Swiss health sector. For us, this responsibility is what motivates us to keep optimising our services and processes – for our partners, our customers, and the Swiss population as a whole.

Voigt AG Pharma Grosshandel is an independent wholesale dealer based in Switzerland that supplies pharmacies, chemists and health food stores with a complete range of products and provides services to industry partners that allow for efficient, successful market expansion in the retail industry.

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Voigt Industrie Service AG is one of Switzerland’s leading providers of pre-wholesale solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. As a highly specialised pharmaceutical logistics service provider, it ensures the seamless flow of goods along the pharmaceutical supply chain for its clients in the pharmaceutical industry.

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If challenging logistics processes are your strong suit, we offer an attractive work environment with interesting opportunities to advance your career. Our job profiles cover a wide range of areas and positions within the field of pharmaceutical logistics in Switzerland.

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A future based on traditional foundations

Founded in 1904, the Voigt Group is still family-owned and managed by its owners today. Providing continuity, reliability and ongoing development as market conditions change serves as the basis for a future characterised by innovative pharmaceutical logistics solutions.

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