The future of the pharmaceutical supply chain

The Voigt Group is taking an innovative, forward-looking approach to the pharmaceutical supply chain in the form of the VOLOGIN project (Voigt logistics integration), involving the construction of a new building in Niederbipp. Scheduled for completion in 2020, Mittelland logistics centre is a new addition that will consolidate the sites in Neuendorf and Niederbipp. This will enable the highest standards of efficiency, safety and quality to be set for the storage and distribution of drugs.

The two business divisions of pharmaceutical pre-wholesale and wholesale will be brought together in the same place for the first time. To date, there is no facility in Europe that leverages synergies to the same degree or that handles both wholesale and pre-wholesale operations from the same location.

In the future, the two business divisions will be able to take advantage of these innovative synergy effects in the expanded logistics centre while continuing to build on the range of services provided. The resulting synergy effects create a market position for the Voigt Group that enables it to take the lead in terms of cost and quality in its target markets. The customer can therefore rely on a service provider that meets the highest level of quality and safety requirements in the market.

Press releases

Building shell event, 11 April 2019
The Voigt Group’s vision of the future in Niederbipp has taken shape in a concrete way – 1,390 days after the start of the project.

Groundbreaking ceremony, 25 August 2017
The Voigt Group marked the start of an ambitious construction project with the groundbreaking ceremony for its building extension in Mittelland (the Swiss Plateau).


Voigt Pharmaceutical Campus Switzerland

The Voigt Group is building a major centre of excellence and service centre at its premises in Niederbipp. As an experienced pharmaceutical service provider, its entire infrastructure is at your disposal to ensure your business is successful.

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